Posted by: Matthew Crawford | June 22, 2010

What It’s Like to Live this Far North

One odd thing about living as far north as Durham is the time the sun sets and rises. We’re nearly as far north as Moscow in terms of latitude. What that means is that in the summer and winter solstices the days get to be extremely short or long. Yesterday, the summer solstice, the sun rose at 4:28 am and set at 9:48 pm. However, it is also fairly light for a considerable time before the sun rises and after it sets. Yesterday dusk lasted until nearly 11:00 pm, and when I went outside at midnight, there was still a light blue haze on the western horizon where the sun had set. Starting today we are on the long journey to the winter solstice, as the days grow shorter and shorter for the next 6 months. Having long days in the summer is quite nice, but we definitely don’t like the short days and long darkness of winter!



  1. Ah, the winter…that incredibly gloomy, depression-inducing time of year.

  2. I agree with you. I love the long days and hate the short ones.


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