Posted by: Matthew Crawford | September 15, 2010

Our One Year Anniversary

It was exactly one year ago today when we landed in Dublin and began our adventure on this side of the pond. It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by, yet it is undeniable, for Durham feels more and more like home to us. In fact, thinking back to what the trip over was like one year ago makes me shudder! I don’t look forward to going through the agony of moving again when we move back to the states! In all seriousness, we have enjoyed out last year here immensely and we are looking forward to the rest of our time in England. It is amazing how settled we feel here, something that I’m sure is largely due to the community we have here at the university and at church.

Earlier this month places all across Europe had a Heritage Weekend in which many attractions which usually charge admission were free. We took the opportunity to go to Durham’s archaeology museum, which is housed in the Old Fulling Mill on the bank of the river. It was a beautiful late summer day. In addition to arrowheads, Roman coins and Anglo-Saxon crosses, we saw someone with a homemade 15th century bagpipe. It was lots of fun. You can see the pictures of our day out by clicking here.


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