Posted by: Matthew Crawford | October 10, 2010

Brimham Rocks and How Stean Gorge

Several months ago (back in May I believe) we took a trip with another family from church to a couple of local sites that are favorites of theirs. The first place we went to was called How Stean Gorge, a limestone gorge with a river running through it and trails throughout the gorge. There was even a small cave we went through at the end of the trail that terrified Violet but thrilled Camille (the difference in their personalities is obvious!). After having lunch there we drove a short distance to Brimham Rocks, a large collection of very oddly shaped and placed rocks. Some of them appear to be placed very precariously on top of one another, but they were all quite stable! Both places were in North Yorkshire, an area just south of County Durham that has some beautiful hilly countryside. We have lots of pictures of both places, as well as pictures of the countryside that you can see by clicking here.

The weather is just beginning to turn to autumn here and the leaves are changing. The curious thing is that the range of temperatures for any given day is far smaller than what we’re used to in Tennessee and Kentucky. A typical day probably has only about a ten degree difference between the high and low (e.g., 57 and 49 for today), which means that it never gets quite as warm or quite as cold as it might back in the states. We enjoy the mild weather, but it would be nice to see blue sky more often!


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